Constellation - Listen to the stars




Great pleasure to be part of the Reihe Laptop Ensemble_
Artist resident at AGON Centro Musica Contemporanea in Milan (Italy).





Last Night (3rd of Dec 2016) at Teatro Arsenale, Milan_
Debut exhibition for Constellation_​

The sound of the stars, nebulae, black holes, red giants, pulsars_

Based on Triple Axis Modal Synthesis (TAMS) by Giorgio Sancristoforo_
Stellar map as music score_



_10 computers_

_Sound objects from nowhere_

_Physical ModelinG_

_Resonant Frequencies_

_From low rumbling noises to high pitched hisses_

_Space immersion w/ quadriphonic PA_







Ensemble directed by GiorgioSancristoforo_





Luca Cozzi
Nazareno De Luca

Eric Guizzo

Marco Miduri

Marco Neridetti

Lorenzo Rinaldi

Marcello Sodano

Giacomo Somaruga

Luca Pagan

and me_







Close your eyes, listen, imagine_







Contemporary Music Hub









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