Lost in time, Lost in space - A Concert in Space



Working to perform at Planetario of Milan on 13th of April.
Playing with the Reihe Laptop Ensemble and Sinestesia Ensemble for the second Astronomical Concert_

Try to test the optimization with the apc40 controller and the custom patch for it_

4 original Max/MSP patches for the event, Tropical Synthesys implementation, 4 different sources in the space.
2 acoustic musicians playing along wth the electronics. 

“Lost in time Lost in space”_

3 pieces by three of the most important composers of the minimalism music:
• Music in Similar Motion - Philip Glass
• A Rainbow in Curved Air - Terry Riley

• Phase Patterns - Steve Reich

Through the history of the universe, planets' trajectories and the brightest stars, a travel to discover something that maybe could be found inside you while looking at the huge space above your head.

Link to the event: •·°•··.•··.°··••


Francesco Bossaglia, Music Director


Marina Notaro, saxophone
Silvia Cattaneo, sintesyzer

REIHE LAPTOP ENSEMBLE: (artistic residence at AGON) 

Luca Cozzi, laptop

Luca Pagan, laptop

Yuri Padashifard, laptop

Andrea Cerrato, laptop

Giorgio Sancristoforo, coordinator

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