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A film by: Maria Giovanna Cicciari and Saverio Incombenti

< In Milan, in the spaces of the Vodoz-Danese Foundation there is the photographic archive of Jacqueline Vodoz.
Jacqueline has been the founder of the design company Danese, together with her husband, as well as the creative soul of the brand. Before the world of the design, in the 1950's Jacqueline was a great photo reporter and a valuable documentarist of the feminist group "Rivolta Femminile" (Feminine Riot).

The film is an homage to her images, to the spaces of the Foundation, and to her gaze, able to adapt to different subjects without altering a human, gentle, and profoundly feminine form of photography />


          . Audio editing & Mix .

          . SOund Design .

          . Audio Restoration .

          . music Composition .


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