at AGON Contemporary Music Center 
Milan (IT)

audio_ works


Audio installation for the KTH Bell in the ReaktorHallen, Stockholm (Sweden)_

Virtual clock tower synthesizing 5000+ bell sounds based on physical modeling (TAMS)_

The clock tower plays every half hour, let you reflect on the meaning of Time_

The rain fell on the earth like thermal spikes on an expanse of ice. 

Souls flew heavy on the fur of a lead sea.

It was clear that someone, from up there, was looking, pleased.

< Performing instrument_ 

  Evolving as we would like to_ />


In search of the origins_

Live concert for laptops, saxophone and synthesizer.

Spatialized music @ Ulrico Hoepli Planetarium, Milan_

Music by Reich, Riley, Glass_

< Reihe Laptop Ensemble
  Sinestesia Ensemble 

In Between human and post-human:
Secular ceremony of the ancient and modern world_

Original composition by Massimiliano Viel

Music for 7 brass, 7 computers and 1 soprano.

< Reihe Laptop Ensemble
  Sinestesia Ensemble 


Music participation into the projects of an astro-glitch

post-contemporary band_

Drums & percussions_

An open minded and inspiring reality here in the present_

< Before the world of the design, in the 1950's Jacqueline Vodoz was a great photo reporter and a valuable documentarist of the feminist group "Rivolta Femminile".

An homage to her images, and to her gaze, able to adapt to different subjects without altering a human, gentle, and profoundly feminine form of photography_ />

Control is a condition that you lose in the exact moment you think you've earned it_

< The project tests the multi-directional concept of live music    participation through the design of an audience-performer interaction system. />

_Final project for Master od Arts 2017, Middlesex University_