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at AGON Contemporary Music Center 
Milan (IT)

audio_ works


Experience the existence


the outside


your inside


Meta-album based on data re-interpretation

from digital photographs


A free virtual gallery that can be visited online, a digital exhibition about frames of pictures that do not exist, but also a place where you can just sit down and think.

The project wants to describe the limit of not being with the presence of being.

If the subject is missing, can the frame itself become the new focus of interest, the work in the absence of the work?


Audio installation for the KTH Bell in the ReaktorHallen, Stockholm (Sweden)_

Virtual clock tower synthesizing 5000+ bell sounds based on physical modeling_

The clock tower plays every half hour, let you reflect on the meaning of Time_

The rain fell on the earth like thermal spikes on an expanse of ice. 

Souls flew heavy on the fur of a lead sea.

It was clear that someone, from up there, was looking, pleased.

< Performing instrument_ 

  Evolving as we would like to_ />


In search of the origins_

Live concert for laptops, saxophone and synthesizer.

Spatialized music @ Ulrico Hoepli Planetarium, Milan_

Music by Reich, Riley, Glass_

< Reihe Laptop Ensemble
  Sinestesia Ensemble 


In Between human and post-human:
Secular ceremony of the ancient and modern world_

Original composition by Massimiliano Viel

Music for 7 brass, 7 computers and 1 soprano.

< Reihe Laptop Ensemble
  Sinestesia Ensemble 


Music participation into the projects of an astro-glitch

post-contemporary band_

Drums & percussions_

An open minded and inspiring reality here in the present_


< Before the world of the design, in the 1950's Jacqueline Vodoz was a great photo reporter and a valuable documentarist of the feminist group "Rivolta Femminile".

An homage to her images, and to her gaze, able to adapt to different subjects without altering a human, gentle, and profoundly feminine form of photography_ />

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 12.58.47_modif

Control is a condition that you lose in the exact moment you think you've earned it_

< The project tests the multi-directional concept of live music    participation through the design of an audience-performer interaction system. />

_Final project for Master od Arts 2017, Middlesex University_

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