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#MTFSparks - Genova 2016

A few weeks ago was offered me the opportunity to participate as one of the team members (and sound designer?) to the first Music Tech Fest event in Italy_

#MTFSparks Genova is born as a musical research laboratory inside the enormous event of Orientamenti 2016, for the career guidance of kids who are concluding their high school programs.

As part of the MTF world, this event, which is part of the #MTFSatellite cycle, has the will to bring to the public a few examples of musical and cross artistic expression, through examples which combine technological innovation and project creativity_

In particular the workshop, held in Genoa on 14-16 of November, saw the active participation of several guys in the construction of musical instruments, through items such as contact microphones, micro-controllers, fruit jellies, writing their firsts lines of code.

For me it's been a great pleasure to be part of an international team (Michela Magas (founder of MTF), Tom Fox, Matthias Strobel, Sarah Morris, Andrea Santini, Stefano Piermatteo, Alexander Allen, Terry Tyldesley) in which I found some people met a few months earlier during the Berlin MTF_

The harmony of the team created a study / research / teaching environment of the most enjoyable ones that I have taken part in.

Stay up until 3 am with Andrea and Stefano to test the patches that the next day would be used for the workshop did not have any cost. To this must be added the fact that the tests were carried out with the use of puddings (chocolate and vanilla) connected to Max / MSP through some Arduino boards (in the absence of fruit jellies prepared the next day for students)_

A great opportunity to grow, as always, a little more_

Thank Music Tech Fest for inviting me_ Thank you all_

[Alexander Allen, thank you man for your unbelievable shots_]

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