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A place called home - MTF Stockholm 2018

I discovered Music Tech Fest 2 years ago, when I've compiled the form to become a volunteer in the audio tech team in Berlin. I was working in the backstage of the main stage with Terry and that experience took me to a fabulous community of artists, scientists, technicians, and big minds in general that I wasn't aware of.

I've then worked for MTF in Genoa, during the MTF Sparks there. Another full goal by the MTF Community. Michela Magas was also there and her kindness created a fantastic work space during those days.

This year I've been called as an artist to collaborate with plenty of more-than-clever people into a reactor, 25m straight into the ground.

For me mind-blowing, but the rest of the festival still had to start.

A day after my return to Italy I still had not enough words to describe this experience with MTF. He grows every year exponentially. You can meet people that you knew before and new personalities, all of them with a world inside that has to be discovered. Was "simply" awesome, because all the people there wanted only to learn, only to meet other people, only to share their knowledge to push things a little bit beyond their previous limits.

Music Tech Fest in Stockholm has just finished and now I’m trying to think again to all the experiences, emotions, sensations, projects, new things, impressive people and extraordinary minds that were there.

So dense, so intense, simply MTF. This has been my third experience with the “Tribe” and every time seems to be something more.

As I said I’ve been one of the 90 artists closed into an ex nuclear reactor laboratory for 5 days, working on some of the most interesting topics between music, art and science. It sounds amazing and actually it was. Then the real festival has begun and so many people has arrived with their thoughts and their performances.

I’m so thankful to all of them, because for me Music Tech Fest is first of all made of people in a friendly environment where you can feel like you’re like at home, but contemporary you can have so many inspirations in just a bunch of instants.

The most incredible thing there? People, I'm sure about that. People are the soul of MTF. People are the engine. The location was incredible for sure, but the people are the essential component of this Festival. I'm in love with their thoughts, their openness of mind, their projects and not less important, the fact that they're after all, humans.I had the possibility to take some photos of those in the Reaktor during the #MTFLabs, used during the performances for some visuals and video processing. Here the link to the library.

I’ve brought there my “Time Flows” audio installation and it has been really amazing to put it in the ReaktorHallen under a giant muted bell to sonify it.

I’ve also learned so much from artists that came literally from all over the world. People with a deep knowledge in their fields of research, people open to speak to you and teach all about their work and their lives (that sometimes collide into the same thing).

Final thoughts?


An environment in which artistic and professional competence blend perfectly to create an experience that knows how to inspire at levels that I hardly had the opportunity to see elsewhere.

But above all, a mental openness seasoned by a general kindness of anyone involved in the festival, from volunteers, security guards, from artists to visitors, to the two minds behind all, Michela and Dubber, as always available to 100% to succeed in listen to everyone.

Probably if I would like to describe every day and every person in this article I won’t finish before the next month.

So I’ve decided to stop writing now and post below some of the photos from Stockholm.

See you next time_

Thank you MTF, thank you Art_

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