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Windows porting for QUADRIVIUM

Again, here I am.

Another project sees the light of a reborn process. From Mac to Windows. I've worked a lot to bring another software made by Giorgio Sancristoforo available for all the Windows platforms. It has been not so easy, but after some days of full load I ended up with a fully working version of Quadrivium.

I've also implemented a couple of small improvements for the GUI (graphical User Interface), such as the completely scalable interface. You're now be able to adjust the dimension of the operative windows having all the controls that scale accordingly to it.

I thought that this detail could be convenient for those who own a screen with limited resolution, or maybe even just for those who want to resize the operating window of the program to be able to view other things simultaneously on the same desktop.

Cycling '74 Max/MSP on Windows has the strange behaviour not to keep the exact dimensions and distances between objects in the patches when you bring a project from the Mac machines.

There are a lot of very little bugs, primarily in the Presentation Mode, that which do not allow you to port between the two platforms completely flawless, except having a thousand eyes on how the objects are arranged.

However the work is done, it has been tested quite a lot and it seems to work well.

I'm really happy to be able to collect another work in addition to the previous one, performed for the Berna software.

HERE you can download the trial version of Quadrivium and also buy a license for it.

About Quadrivium:


The Quadrivium in the Middle Ages was the upper division of the education in the liberal arts, which comprised arithmetic (numbers), geometry (numbers in space), music (numbers in time), and astronomy (numbers in space and time).


Quadrivium is a synthesizer that uses the orbital data of 12 moons of the giant gas planets of the Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to create music.

Quadrivium has four VCO/LFO, one VCMIXER, one VCF, one ECHO unit, one REVERB, a RING MODULATOR and one HARMONIC FILTERBANK and you can also process external sounds with two stereo inputs!


Quadrivium is also a MIDI controller, you can use the orbital data to control your hardware or software synthesizers with MIDI! 12 Moons for 12 Control Changes that you can assign in the software. Connect it to your modular synth with a MIDI USB cable or MIDI interface!"


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