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Windows porting for SUBSTANTIA

Another software conversion for Windows users

I'm totally not a Win users, not any more, but I think that the opportunity to try (and maybe then also use) some strange sound devices in your workflow can be important. And the worst thing is to find a software that inspires you and then realize that it doesn't exist for your OS.

SUBSTANTIA brings the Triple Axis Modeling Synthesis (TAMS) to a very simple, musical and powerful stage. I programmed many Max/MSP patches built on this technique some years ago, when we used to play live concerts with the Reihe Laptop Ensemble for AGON.

Also present in this release the GUI implementations, like the completely scalable interface.

In this case I encountered another small problem: exporting the patch in the wrapper didn't let me to drag any sound file into the sampler section of the installed instrument. Really strange behaviour.

I've solved the issue adding a small button beside the "Record" one. Using that all seems to work fine.

So, here we are.

Substantia also becomes part of the windows collection that I'm creating for Giorgio.

HERE you can download the trial version of Substantia and HERE there is the softwares page where you can also buy a license for it.

About Substantia:


Substantia (latin: substance), is an electro-acustic physical modelling laboratory with hundreds of models. It is a modal synthesis software with integrated euclidean sequencer and recorder.


Substantia has 16 different models and 23 materials, ranging from Aluminium to Nickel, Glass, Marble, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Nylon, Uranium and more, for a total of 368 resonant models.


You can excite the resonators with contact microphones (2 for stereo sound), samples, or white noise and experience a new exciting way to make digital sounds with human gestures. Substantia is a powerful tool to create new hyper-real sounds, from amazing bongos to luxurious glassy and metallic textures."


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