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Andrea Cerrato

MTF Stockholm

Audio installation for the KTH Bell in the ReaktorHallen_

Virtual clock tower synthesizing 5000+ bell sounds based on physical modeling (TAMS)_

The clock tower plays every half hour, let you reflect on the meaning of Time_


The clock tower,

long ago the keeper of Time,

is no longer taken into consideration.

We are losing the opportunity to wait,

chasing the past moment already gone,

looking for the future one

that has to come.

We do not listen to the time anymore,

sure to be able to control it_

Beside the precision of the tolling bell,

there is the personal relationship with time,

its subjective presence in our lives.
Approaching the clock,

everyone has a different 

perception of the seconds flowing,

the ticking of hands is no longer regular,

rather unique... 


Time Flows acts like a virtual clock tower.

the mechanism keeps the time

tolling its bell every half hour_

Every time the clock tower rings

its timbre changes

as if the bell could hold

thousands of different shapes in one_

With a sound variety of over

5000 different timbres

from the TAMS Synthesys,

the KTH bell stops being a material object

turning into a timeless symbol. 

it sounds different each time

- swinging from shiny tones

to the darkest ambiences_

The Location:

R1 ReaktorHallen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

Drottning Kristinas väg 51, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Time Flows is an audio installation presented @KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm during the last Music Tech Fest in 2018.

The project has been also presented @ZKM in Karlsruhe as an MTF Labs contribution for the "Open Codes - The World as a Field of Data" 2018 exhibition.

The Device:

UDOO x86 SBC with:
- Quad Core 64-bit x86 Celeron N3160

- Intel® HD Graphics 400

- 4 GB DDR3 Dual Channel

- Intel® CurieTM with Arduino 101

- Kingston SSD A400-120GB

- 7" touchscreen

- MaxBotix MB1030 LV-MaxSonar-EZ3

- Pure Data 0.48

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