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Control is a condition that you lose in the exact moment you think you’ve earned it

Final Project for Master of Arts 2017
Middlesex University


SoDa Matrix Project tests the multi-directional concept of live music participation through the design of an audience-performer interaction system_

The listener, previously powerless in front of the musical flow, may be able to communicate something directly to the artist. The latter, face to face with his interlocutor, perceives an outcome other than his own contribution.

Music interaction, as well as the feelings arising from it, must not be clear, simple, obvious, but based on suggestions, micro-variations that can become macro-changes, moments of stasis and moments of evolution, seconds of greater and lesser control, with the awareness of what you are listening to.

The audience communicates through the environment, which collects variations and interpolations between different types of data. Human-machine but also audience-artist interactions are thought to be less artificial and self-conditioned.

The artist and his performance remain the fulcrum, everything else is only a method to express it_

A software, the MATRIX, mediates the dialogue between the artist and the audience: raw information’s fluxes are filtered, processed, sent to the artist and merged with the music performance.

Some random processes can be introduced to modify the links between sources and destinations of the MATRIX. This option put the artist under the same conditions of his audience. He doesn’t know the full system paths and he doesn’t have all the control.

The fate, even in our digital life, still has its proper weight_



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