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¿ Why Always Have Control ?

Having some fun with an old and heavy-load experiment of mine, based on audio multibuffer, glitches and a total random, anomalous GUI.

I Really like the graphic impact of the overall appearance_ Still in development, every time I open and load in it some normal multitrack piece of music, he amazes me by the madness that comes out from the master out_ It changes, modulates, effects and glithes (because we love glitches and errors here).

also designed to be f*****g crazy when it want and this is the best characteristic of his digital soul_

It's a little project that needs attentions because it isn't perfect, but it wants to live its life like everyone else_

It's called "PIES - A Slices' Environment" and sounds like a Randomic Multitrack System Glitch Operator_

Just a couple of rough screen recording on the fly_

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